Updating from KDE 4.11 to Latest KDE Version for OpenSuse 13.1

OpenSuse 13.1 ships with KDE 4.11 which was not working fine with me. I needed openconnect for VPN access to my institution however, the openconnect NetworkManager plugin was not working properly.

As soon as I installed the plugin along with the openconnect base package, the NetworkManager widget started not showing any connections etc. Plus, I was not able to use the openconnect plugin anyway as it didn’t allow me to type in the VPN server I’d like to connect to.

When I tested openconnect from the terminal, it was working perfectly. Therefore I decided that the problem might be in KDE.

So I decided to upgrade the factory shipped KDE 4.11 to the latest version (4.13 as of now). Below are the instructions I’ve followed.

  1. Add repositories for KDE SC and Extras Packages. The following repositories are from OpenSuse and they point to the latest version of KDE available.
  2. Update the system to use updates from the newly installed repositories. Using --from limits zypper to use updates only from the specified repositories.
  3. Reboot the system to reflect all the changes made.

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